App update -Track That IP

Last week I spent some time added apple watch and force touch to my existing IP app.

Watch OS 2 is very convenient to use and easy to learn. As well as the force touch API.

I am also switching from iAd to AdMob since iAd will be over in June. AdMob appears to be better from my experience.


iOS: Sakura Fly

This is the first game I published on App Store.

It is stupid. Just another flappy bird like game. It is hard and requires long time focus to get a high score, which makes it playable and somehow addictive.

It is cool. You can see all your friends competing the leaderboard. I am 2ed globally with 326 points..

The reason I am making it is I wanted to learn sprite kit, anyway seems like fun. I find that game development is a different monster, completly different from App development.


iOS: IP Locator


This is the first app I published in the App store.

It is going very well, given the unique free function it provides.

Now search “ip address” it would be on the very top of each app store worldwide.

Not interested in making money out of it so far.





Hello world!

This is a spam test. The current spam machines generally have the keyword “Google”,”Hello world”and “This is a paragraph”, the reason may be that this is the first sample of any wordpress theme, and they aimed for this. It is surprising that none of the following 5k+ comments is human posted. The simple way to avoid these spams is easy: adding a line of captcha.


let’s google

Another interesting thing is wordpress is now banning Javascript code on post. The above button is not longer working:

<script>// <![CDATA[
function myFunction(name,job) { alert(“Welcome”+name+”,the”+job); }
// ]]></script>

Maybe JS insertion is too dangerous for many people.